About - iion Systems

iiON-SYSTEMS is a young technology-driven and internationally oriented company, founded in Risskov (DK) in 2016.

We develop and manufacture electronic modules for automation and monitoring systems for industry, buildings and process. Our core competence is the wired and wireless communication systems that link the modules together to form a solution.

Our business model is effective and lean – we target direct sales to OEM’s and specialized value added distributors, who want to improve their existing automation system, or who want to introduce an automated solution as a value adding factor.

We understand the OEM’s need to keep after sales service at a minimum by delivering user-friendly, simple and reliable system solutions, which ideally should not require special tools, long training sessions or particular skills to install, commission and maintain.

We see ourselves as a partner for the OEM, rather than just a supplier, and we are flexible to customize the products to achieve the optimum solution. We enter into dialog with the OEM about the key objectives, we contribute with our ideas and inputs, and finally after the products have been developed, we participate in the actual implementation in the field to ensure the desired outcome is reached.



Our system solutions are based on wired and wireless communication technologies. This includes LoRa for wireless communication and Profinet, Ethernet/IP, MQTT, CAN-bus and our own unique fieldbus solution for applications with very long distances and no need for ultrafast reaction.


We develop intelligent I/O-modules and sensors for the field level and link them to a central control system either directly to our own controller or via a gateway to a 3-party PLC, HMI or SCADA system. All our solutions are developed for specific applications in order to achieve a perfect fit.