The business model of iiON-SYSTEMS is to target specific applications in niche markets, where we can utilize our unique communication technology to offer second-to-none system solutions. We target direct product sales to OEM customers and specialized value added distributors, because in this way we can focus on technology, applications and products, and keep our company infrastructure lean. This allows us to build strong partnerships with our customers with the aim to offer a competitive solution to the final user – in the end we depend on our customers being successful with our solutions.


We are available for a close dialog about the customer’s application and needs. Perhaps the product need to be implemented in a different form to fit the customer’s applications, or perhaps a Private label or special solution is required. We are open to all of that, because our only interest is to provide the best possible solution to our customers.


We typically design systems that in addition to our own developed products also include 3’rd party products such as PLC’s, HMI’s, sensors and actuators – this allows us to offer our partners the best possible solution. However, in some cases we achieve the best result by developing the complete range of products needed for a specific system solution. Whatever serves the customer needs the best way, is what we do.


Our idea of partnership also include involvement in the realization of the solution within the customer’s organization. This means we offer help in working out installation guidelines and training of the customer’s technical staff. We can be involved in reviewing the design and implementation of the first projects to ensure a trouble-free start and successful references.


The keyword for iiON-SYSTEMS is focus in every aspect we deal with, whether it is technology, applications or customers. We only involve ourselves in applications and products, where we can really make a difference for our partners
with our unique communication technology. Adding maximum value to the final user is the key to success and we can only achieve that by working close together with our customers – that’s why we see them as partners rather than customers.