This specific system is developed to drive complexity and cost out of the system and target the “small” installations with less than 100 dampers but can run up to 500 dampers.


The function of the system is to control and monitor fire dampers in a ventilation system. The system automatically tests each fire damper on a fixed daily or weekly time.
In case of fire or if a fire damper is faulty, the system will go into alarm mode and automatically shut down the ventilation and close all the fire dampers. It is possible to link FlexiBUS system directly to the fire alarm system or smoke detectors can be connected directly to the system. The controller is equipped with modbus interface so it can be connected to a Building Management System (BMS)
FlexiFIRE can run as a normal damper proof system as well as a smoke ventilated system.

BMS solution

If you want to program the system in the Building Management System (BMS) there is a gateway, and you will have all the benefit of the simple installation.

Price competitive

The system is only being sold via Partners / Distributors either as private label or IiON-systems in each country.

Simple commissioning

The easiest commissioning on the market without special tools, app or computer but at simple teach in function

Fri tropology and only 2-wires

The cabling is based on standard 2-wayer unshielded cable with free tropology. The 2-wayer cable is carrying both power and communication at the same time.

0-100 (500) dampers

100 dampers per controller and with master / slave function up to 500 dampers.

Plug-and-play solution

The system is based on modules and therefore no need for any individual customization.